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First, it is important to note that cannabis does not mean marijuana. CBD oil which contains a compound referred to as cannabidiol (CBD) is obtained from the stalk and seed of the plant called Cannabis. Unlike most compounds that have been obtained from this plant, research over the years have shown that cannabidiol does not possess euphoric effects and also giving the consumers a clear mind and an active lifestyle. Therefore, CBD oil can be consumed as a nutritional supplement. Apart from containing cannabidiol, CBD oil also contains CBG, CBN, CBC, different amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. This CBD oil can now be found in the purest form of capsules, extracts, suppositories, crystals, drops, chewing gums and has been incorporated into a lot of skin care products having undergone a lot of validation and verification using the quality control and quality assurance techniques possible.

A lot of research work has been able to show that CBD has been able to interact with the body systems involved in the inflammatory process, relaxation, appetite, and sleeping. Also, it helps in the reduction of vomiting, contractions in the small intestine, relieves anxiety, reduces nicotine craving CBD does these by linking to the cannabinoid receptors found in every cell in the body and therefore regulate the process of homeostasis.

Also, CBD oil is considered to be food based by the FDA and certified to be safe making its consumption okay. CBD oil has been found to cure some forms of eye diseases including glaucoma. Basically, CBD oil has been used in the treatment of anxiety attacks, diabetes, alcoholism, spasm, chronic pain, schizophrenia & psychosis, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, antibiotic resistant infections, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc. It was first discovered in the late 1980’s that the body system that recognizes the cannabinoid compounds is referred to as Endocannabinoid system; a part of the nervous system. The cannabinoid receptors can be found on cells involved in reducing the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. This endocannabinoid system is present in all mammals and contains the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD oil can be used to negate the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD oils products can be found in pharmacies, on shelves in doctor’s offices, supermarkets, online malls, etc. It is also important to also know that the body is capable of producing its own cannabinoids, which include Anandamide and 2-AG which are involved in the passing of information between cells under normal conditions.

The endocannabinoid system plays a key role in the homeostasis of the body. CBD hemp oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol in contrast to hemp seeds. CBD oil has been legalized in all the states in US.  CBD oil has been seen as potential anticancer drugs because of its health benefits, some of which are listed above. CBD has anticancer properties because it inhibits angiogenesis by multiple mechanisms, has inhibitory effects on malignant tumors, inhibits cancer invasion via regulation of tissue inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases-1, has ant tumorigenic targets, etc. Therefore CBD oil can be used in the various forms of cancers.



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 Hello, I am very happy with my cute little Kratom plant!!! It arrived in great happy shape:) 

Albert– California

 Either my kratom plant grew in the post or you guys are generous! Just wanted to say thanks, and that I will definitely be a returning customer.  

Morgan — Oklahoma

 Both your products and prices are good, the shipping speed was excellent… I give Alchemist Alley 5 stars. 

Q.H. — Missouri

 Hey guys, just wanted to say that I am VERY happy with your service, quick, efficient and friendly! Keep up the good work!

Robert — Utah

 Thank you so much for all your help, y’all have the best products and best prices, and defiantly the best customer service ;o) 

Holly — Texas

 Thank you much for everything. Very grateful to know you and thank the powers that be for guiding me to your shop. 

James — Florida

 Thanks for the fast response. Your excellent customer service continues to amaze me. Lifetime customer! 

Bill — Nebraska

Hey thank you for the prompt response. It’s much appreciated. Great company. 

Charles — Montana

I really appreciate your consideration and trying to help out:) I look forward to having your business sometime in the future. Thanks. 

Alex — Florida

 And I just want to say I REALLY appreciate you getting back to me. It’s nice to have someone I can actually GET ANSWERS from. Thanks a ton! 

Jim — Nebraska

The prompt and personal response is very much appreciated after dealing with poor online customer service for so long. I will most definitely be visiting your website again and letting my friends know about you:) keep up the good work! 

Will — Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for your great service and excellent products. I was a little leery at first, but my initial order was received quickly, and the quality was excellent. 

Jeff — Nebraska

 Just wanted to let you know that the store you run is wonderful. Product descriptions, selection, and quality are all top notch. The sleek, no-fuss layout is rather refreshing. Shipping well priced and quite timely. Will be recommending to others & leaving a review. 

Melody — Washington

Thank you for your fast service and great products! I’m a Alchemist Alley. Later!

Chad — North Carolina

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful products, and getting my order to me on Saturday. I’m very pleased I didn’t have to wait until Tuesday. I’m very impressed with the quality, and your timing. I will continue to order from you, instead of where I previously have.

Athena — Minnesota

Thanks so much, like I said yesterday, you could have just applied that to my next order – I totally appreciate your being on top of stuff, thanks. I’m not used to vendors being so prompt on things like shipping and charges – there’s no lapse in your service, totally fantastic!

Lisa — Texas

I wanna say thank you for completing my order. Your reliability has long been a staple of your hard work. I have been a customer for a few years and though my purchases may be infrequent I am always very grateful for such excellent service. Thank you and blessings.

 Michael — Nebraska

 I’m just writing to let you all know how happy I am with your products and service. I’m amazed how quickly my order arrives – less than 48 hours for standard, amazing! The quality is also really good as well as the price.

Derek – Kentucy

 Thank you so very much and blessings on your business. you guys are great i reccomend you often 

Stormy — Florida

Thank you again for your help and kind considerations. For all future orders, I know, beyond a doubt, that someone is there at your company to give me excellent customer service.

Desiree — Maine

Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy service. Nowadays its hard to find good people who care about what their doing, im sure your busy so thanks again.

Jennifer — Indiana

I feel so very blessed to have discovered Alchemist Alley Botanicals. Not only are the products great but the people are too. 🙂 Thanks again!!!!

Juliet — Maryland

Im impressed with the quality of the product and timely delivery. I will definitely continue purchasing from AA. Love and light to you.

James — Virginia

AA is a god send. Bless this company.

Trevor — Missouri

Thank you again I really appreciate it I am def a loyal customer

Lisa — West Virgina

Thank you so much for sending a new one yesterday and for calling and everything. You guys are so awesome and I would recommend you in a heartbeat. AA ROCKS!

Christine — Pennsyvlania

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that your shipping is fast and reliable.

Ben — Massachusetts

I wanna thank you for all the productos uve gotten . I look forward to my next package I just orded . You guys freaking rock ! Good job

Theresa — Kentucky

WHEW!!! Thanks so much…I can be annoying I know….but I don’t care. lol 😀 Thank you kindly you guys are the best!!

Jamie — Michigan

Thanks for your profesional customer service! consider me one of your regular customers 🙂

Kevin — California

U guys are AWESOME!!! you Definitely exceeded my expectations!!!

Chris — Florida

We want to thank you. We really appreciate your company and your offerings. You are the very best supplier we have found. Keep up the good work and good health to you and yours.

Bobby — Oregon

All my orders have arrived. And as usual , in great shape. Neatly packaged and labeled with a clearly written invoice. Thank you so much for all your efforts in this sale. Working with me was something you didn’t have to do, but chose to do. Not many vendors I’ve worked with have your level of consideration for a customers want’s and request’s. Y

Gerard — Minnesota

I have been very pleased with the speed of your service. Moreso I have been overly satisfied with your product quality. I have ordered other vendors same products and AA is far superior. You are my #1 choice and I personally thank you for your speedy service and your top shelf product quality

Jason — Pennsylvania

I am referring so many people to your company. IT IS WONDERFUL!! This “point system” is great,the product is fabulous, and its the fastest shipping in history. I ordered a product on Monday and asked for 1-2 day USPS shipping and I received it the next day by 1:00 pm. AND I LIVE IN ALASKA!!! Great job, BBotanicals!!!

Susan — Alaska

Thanks for the great service. You’ll be my go-to guys from now on. I like the aroma of these products! Thanks!

Chris — New York

Hello today I received my order: Thank you so much, It got delivered way faster than I expected and everything looks good, will buy from you guys again for sure! thanks 🙂

Omar — Columbia

Thank you so very much I really appreciate that. I am very impressed with your selection and I will deffinatly be shopping with you in the future.

Mike — Michigan

Amazing! Your customer service is stellar. Extremely fast shipping. Thank you.

Rebecca — California

I just want everyone at Alchemist Alley Botanicals to know how greatly I appreciate my shopping experience here with you. The customer service can’t be beat. You really go out of your way to make sure your customers are satisfied. I love using my coupons and redeming my points. And I look forward to making more purchases in the future! Many Thanks!

Juliet — Maryland

I need to compliment you on superb customer service, really. I ordered from vendors in the past who took days to get back to me and I couldn’t understand that, so I’m really very impressed!

Lisa — Texas

Thanks for being so proffesional and fast when replying to my questions.

Kevin — California

I just want to thank you so much for–well, existing, but also for my incredibly quick delivery (I had NO IDEA what this might be!) I do research, but I love new and baby plants so much I was highly likely to go YAY YAY and put them right into starter pots, and thus lose over half of them. Concern for both your babies and your customers. Complete victory. You’ve won my business and my word-of-mouth for a long time to come. Thank you, and may all the seeds you plant sprout into wonderful healthy lifeforms.

Steven — Texas

Thank you for being nice about all this (one of the best customer services out there.)

David — New Hampshire

I just wanted to tell you that your kanna is outstanding. Its the best. You got a new customer for life. Thanks for having high quality products. Also you prices are great too. I can tell your a company with great interity. Thanks again.

Tony — Pennsylvania

I need to compliment you on superb customer service, really. I ordered from vendors in the past who took days to get back to me and I couldn’t understand that, so I’m really very impressed!!

Lisa — Texas

Just a brief note to let you know my Kratom plants arrived today. I was happily surprised at their size, and over- all condition from shipment. I look forward to future purchases from you! Thanks again!

Norma — Florida

Your service site is flawless and informative, makes shopping easy and fun. I will definitely be a customer for all the years to come! I’ve never had any problems!

Terry — California

I’ve been ordering for over 2 years now. I have never once been disappointed with your product or service. I’m amazed at your speed of service and delivery time. I can set my calendar based on ordering and delivery of your product. It is truly a pleasure dealing with your company. Thank you so very much.

Gabe — New Mexico

Always a pleasure, you guys are at the top of my list for my herbal needs. With the best selection, great service and quality you’ve got my seal of approval and endorsement.

Edwin — Tennessee

I just got your order! Holy crap that was fast! Thanks guys. You’ve won my respect thus far and will recommend.

Douglas — Michigan

I just got my kratom plant today, i love it im very happy with it . Now its time to try most of your kratom products . One happy life customer you have. as always thank you !!!

Hunter — Louisville

You got this out TODAY? You guys fuckin’ ROCK!!!

Thomas — Iowa

Hey thanks for that! Love your company, I’ll be ordering from you again soon!

Rowan — Colorado

Seems to me AA is a structurally significant element of the (entire) ethnobotanical network – you’ve been around a long time w/ considerable comprehension and experience. That is, precisely, what attracts me to AA; you’ve got it down. That and your first rate professionalism; 5 star (comprehensive) catalog, customer service, communications, issue resolution, and lightning delivery.

Thomas — Iowa

Thanks! You guys rule, as per usual.

Jack — North Carolina

Thank you for the quick response! I received my merchandise and am very pleased with the presentation.

Patrick — Pennsylvania

Hi I received the package. I can’t thank you enough for your services. I hope to continue ordering in the near future. I’ve ordered from you in the past and your service is the best out there.

Adrien– New York

Thank you so much again. Thank you for your help.. I’m now a “faithful customer.”

Thomas — New York

I just want to say, you guys have got some absolutely top notch products.

Daniel — Michigan

Thank you so much, you’ve been very helpful! I’ll be back for sure 🙂

TJ — Illinois

I received my order and just wanted to say Thank You for the great service!

Nick — Minnesota

Just received my package quickly with everything well packed and arriving in perfect shape. Just writing to thank you and let you know that I will definitely order again.

Zach — Maine

You guys rule, love the fast shipping, wish everyone did business like your outfit. May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman. Lol, later.

Ed — Pennsylvaia

Just a quick line to thank you folks for the great service and excellent product you sell! It’s very nice to have plant allies and business allies-thanks again!

Sharon — California

Third time ordering from your site and as before, very satisfied with the product and fast shipping! Cheers 🙂

Alex — Virginia

Thank You so much!! just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate you, you’re doing a great job and i am a very happy, repeat customer!

Chenoa — Washington

I just want to say how happy I am with your company. You operate to the standards I seek and I am very happy I found you. Good work.

Dawn — California

First time customer, I had one small issue and one Big turn around! My issue was resolved within 15 mins of the mention of it! On a holiday I might add!

Coty — North Carolina

As always, your customer service is second to none. Many thanks.

Ryan — New Jersey

It is unbelievable how throughout the years your company and your service just gets better and better, while other companies come and go, congrats on your hard work and commitment.

Guillermo — Mexico

Order shipped perfectly. Thank you. I have placed another order and joined your affiliate program. I will be a long time customer and appreciate your awesome customer service. 5 stars across the board!!

Rob — Kentucky

You guys are the bestest ever! Thanks again!

William — North Carolina

This is my first time using this product and I’m very happy with the quality and the speed of delivery. I would recommend AA to anybody and everybody. Thanks, I will be ordering again soon!

Adam — Virginia

Also I really do appreciate you guys. Your service and your products are top notch. Thanks for everything and also getting back to me so quickly.

James — Kentucky

Also want to add that my last shipment was awesome! Just received it today and I love it! I do not have a website but I am trying to email everyone I know a referral. All my close friends are already talking about ordering from y’all.

Joseph — Arkansas

Excellent my friends, excellent. Thank you so much. You’re good folks. You will see me again with a smile on my face. Take care.

Richard — Ohio

Greetings! Just opened up my order!!! Wow they got here fast!!! THANKS guys!

Sam — California

As I said via telephone, I truly appreciate you and your company. For many years now you have always been there to help, your CS is second to none, your packaging is professionally discreet, order fulfillment on par with the Road Runner, and your billing/coupon/refund system impeccable.

Greg — Minnesota

Thank you so much. You guys at Alchemist Alley rock. You are by far the best Botanical site out there and your customer service is number one by far. I will definitely keep doing business with you and sending my friends your way for their Botanical needs.

Jason — Texas

U guys literally get better w every order! Very pleased 🙂

Emily — North Carolina

Thank you! I’m am blown away by the quality of your Kratom!

Sam — Oregon

You have been the greatest, I will not even think of ordering from anyone else, but you. Great product and great service. Go above and beyond for your customers. I will make sure this is posted on every review site I come across.

John — Michigan

I have received my shipment. I am quite happily surprised! I’ve always heard from multiple sources that you always take care of your customers. And you just fulfilled that above and beyond. I am VERY pleased with your quick responses and updates on the situation. You have officially earned yourself a lifetime customer.

Tyson — South Carolina

Like I said before I don’t shop anywhere else there’s no need to. I get good kratom from Alchemist Alley, I really love you guys you’ve got a happy customer and friend for life!

Terry — California

I just wanted to say you guys are awsome!! Thanks again for the fast delivery and amazing quality!!

Matt — Michigan

I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. I got my package in no time at all and it was a package of delights! I’ll definitely be ordering from you again soon; who knew there was such a great website for what I was looking for out there! Thanks so much, you guys rock.

Jessica — Colorado

Just wanted to tell you, that your Kratom is very fine, and the costs are very fair. I applaud you for being fair, honest, and so helpful. I will be a customer for a long time, and I have passed on your name to friends. Keep it up, and thanks again!

Rebecca – Massachusetts

Thanks for the prompt service and high quality products. I bought from other botanicals before and their products are not as fresh and wholesome.

Manuel — California

Received my order today. That was quick. The quality and size was exactly what I asked for. Thank you!

Steven — California

You guys rock awesome shipping time and great product. Highly recommended by me from here on out. Thanks again.

Joshua — Ohio

You guys get 5 stars from me. Thank you for your good customer service. I’m very pleased.

Ally — New Mexico

Hey, just wanted to say THANKS for all the extras you included in my last order. You guys really listen to your customers and go above and beyond my expectations of quality service. Already planning my next order.

Mike — Texas

Thank you so much for handling everything so fast. This is the only place I will buy my herbs.

Maximillian — Illinois

I wanted to thank you for your fast service and your great products. You will be the only Web Site that I will order from. Thanks again.

Bryan — Pennsylania

Greetings Alchemist Alley! I would like to thank you very much for my last order of Fly Agarics! I would like to say I am still very impressed! I will send in another order for the same amount later this week or by next week!! Thank you again! You guys are amazing!

Sincerely, Sam — California

Not an inquiry but a statement. My second order from your site arrived today. I just wanted to say that I dig your product, your speed in shipping is simply AMAZING! Thank You! You can expect more orders from me in the near future! Keep up the good service and product selection.

William — New Mexico

Thank you. Your company is excellent. Always satisfied.

Robert — Tennessee I just received my order. You are prompt! Love the products so far.

Audrey — Ohio I’ve always been very satisfied with the quality of your products… you guys are the best! Please keep up the wonderful service…I WILL be back! 🙂

Elizabeth — Kansas

I have been ordering from your site for about a year now, and I just wanted to thank you for the great product and service you have provided me consistently throughout. Not once have I had a negative issue with one of my purchases.

Todd — Tennessee

Thank you!! And thanks for the quick reply! The reviews I read were certainly true. You guys have great customer service.

Kelly — Michigan

First I have to say thank you. Thank u. I tried 2 other companies and I will NEVER go back to anyone but AA! trust me I learned the hard way!

Kim — New York

All in all I’ll defintely be purchasing more items from your business in the near future. You guys get 5 stars from me. Thank you for your good customer service. Im very pleased.

Ally — New Mexico

What a great company! This order was high quality and your customer service is incredible. Thank you again.

Adam – New York

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried many other sources for Kratom, but yours is by far the best quality and best dollar value. I have absolutely no complaints at all. Your shipping is incredibly fast and both times I’ve ordered from you I’ve gotten my shipment within 3 days.

Thank you!! I love Alchemist Alley Botanicals! The very best for AA!

David — Missouri

You kindly changed some items in my last order. THANKS! In the famous words of the Terminator….I’ll be back!

Jeremy — Tennessee

Your processing and ship out time was much faster than the last place I ordered from! Greatly appreciated! Thank you! Hope to do business with you again.

Brandon — Michigan

Thanks very much! You guys’ customer service is epic, and I’ll definitely be purchasing from your company again very soon!

Mike — Main

Wow. I am impressed with the legitimacy and professionalism of this company. First time order and I received it within one or two days. With the appropriate secure website for credit card info, email confirmations, and proper invoice upon receipt. A ten dollar instant coupon to boot. It looks and smells of an exceptional quality. Kudos. Once again I am impressed.

Jerry — Washington

I’d just like to say that you guys rock. Your botanical specimens are very healthy, shipped fast, and affordable.

Jon — Wisconsin

What a great company! This order was high quality and your customer service is incredible. Thank you again.

Adam — New York

Thank you guys, you guys are awesome and good on your word, thanks.

Jerome — Illinois


Hunter — Massachusetts

Thank you for a great product and excellent customer service and i will be ordering again very soon…

Brett — Idaho

You guys not only have great products but GREAT customer service.

Brittney — Indiana

Thank you for all of your help with this. Your reputation for customer service is well-earned!

Eric –California

Thanks so much for your help and your EXCELLENT botanicals and service. Gracias!

Jeannie — Mexico

Wow, I’m impressed. No sooner than I payed with a card all items are listed as shipped…10-20 minuets after I called. I’m shocked, after all the problems I’ve had get’n thing squared away you still show me excellent service. Sll you at AA, deserve praise on many fronts, you have impressed me.

What can I say about AA, excellent staff, good people, and excellent service. I like you folks, you’ll see me again….and again 🙂

John –Iowa

Thank you for your quick reply!!!! Appreciate your guys’s buisness heard only great things about you.

Rebecca — USA

Thanks a lot! You guys are the best and I will continue to order from you for a long time. Thanks again for going above and beyond!

Jason — California

Your customer service ROCKS!!! 🙂


Just a quick note to let you know that you are appreciated. I have been extremely pleased with everything that I have ordered from you these past few months. Your herbal products seem to be of the highest quality and every order has arrived very quickly and with exact accuracy. I am one very pleased customer. Thanks!

Randall — Oregon

Thank you very much. As of now I have nothing but good things to say about you and your company.

Russell — Iowa

You guys are great, super stars. I love doing business with yall

Asen — California

The shipment has arrived and I have to say that the Amanitas that you sent is the single most beautiful and fresh and perfect form of specimens I have ever seen. Thank you so much for such wonderful quality!

Christopher — Texas

I’d just like to say that you guys rock. Seriously. Your botanical specimens are very healthy, shipped fast, and affordable. Best of luck. AND THANK YOU!

Jon — Wisconsin

Just wanted to leave a review. Fast Delivery. Inexpensive. High Quality.

Please quote me on that because people need to know. Doug — Iowa

Great job guys, i’m impressed. Thanks a bunch. Al – Maryland

I got my order. I’m really satisfied with my product and the delivery time wasnt bad either. Thank you guys a lot. I’ll be purchasing from you in the future and referring friends to you whenever I get the chance.

Linda — Indiana

Merely a thank you for your quick service and attention to quality. I have ordered 2x as of late and have been very happy with the promptness of service and the info Alchemist Alley provides about the items in stock. ! I’m glad I found your site!

Ben — Missouri

Just wanted to leave a review. Fast Delivery. Inexpensive. High Quality. Please quote me on that because people need to know. At first I thought it’s too good to be true, because thats just the way things are, fortunately this site breaks the norm and actually does what it says.

Doug — Iowa

Just got my package earlier and checked it out. I am truly amazed at how punctual and amazing the quality of your product is! You officially have a new customer.

Darius — USA

I was just very impressed with your shipping, packaging, and all around experience purchasing from you. Thank you!

Troy – Massachusetts

You guys ROCK!!! Thank you so much.

Erik, New Mexico

I was just very impressed with your shipping, packaging, and all around experience purchasing from you. Thank you!

Troy — Massachusetts

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. I love you guys more than ever!

Jeremy = Hawaii

Thank you very much. The order came in earlier today and like always everything is on point. — Derek, Florida

Thanks for your low prices and good service. I’ve told all my friends about you guys. Phil — Wisconsin

You guys do have the best customer service bar none!

Gerard — Minnesota

Thank you all for your great service! Blessings! and may everything work out for the highest and best!

Alan – Missouri

Where may I leave a review? I have never seen a shipment ship out and arrive that quickly in my life and I work for a freight forwarding company!

Valeri – Absecon, New Jersey

All around great service. You had quick delivery last time. I will refer you to any interested friends. THANK YOU!

Kim – Durham, North Carolina

Thanx and you probably get this a lot but wow your customer service really is great.

Lorraine –  Cleveland, Ohio

The quality of the amanitas I ordered last time caught me off guard, WAY off guard. Thanks.

Lee – Decatur, Georgia

Thank you for your prompt service. I hope to do business with you in the future.

Sam – Brooklyn, New York

Thank you very much for the low price!

Andy – St. Louis, Missouri

Thanks a lot for the snappy reply. I’ll be sure to recommend my friends to your web-site. As well as order more stuff!

Dustin – Denver, Colorado

By the way, great product. I am enjoying it very much.

Dempsey – Lebanon, Kentucky

Thank you greatly for your services, good quality of leaf. Send my thanks to the Indians of Oaxaca!!!!

Matthew – Denver, Colorado

I just wanted to let you know that your prices are by far the best I have seen. Hey guys. I got an order from u a week ago and i am so happy id like to place another.

Ryan – Decatur, Georgia

Thank you so much. I am going to be referring your site to all my friends… You seem to be treating me right and I cannot thank you enough for that. I can guarantee that I will be making all my future purchases from you. Keep up the good service and thank you again for your generosity.

John – Anchorage, Alaska

Excellent! Thanks a lot, pleasure doing business and I will return.

James – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I received my order last week, very timely and most importantly complete.

Everything looks very fresh.

Frederic – Orlando

AA is like any good business…you care about the customer.

Mike – Cleveland, Ohio

I just received your product, let me congratulate you on the quality of it.

Rodrigo – Quebec, Canada

I received your product today. That was super fast shipping. Thanks a lot.

Marc – Paterson, New Jersey

Your group was widely recommended to me, and I hope that we can do business again… Keep up the good work!

Ian – Tupolo , Mississippi

Thank you so much for your time, doin business with you is really easy, you have a GREAT company.

Jared – Charlotte, Minnesota

You guys are the shit! Last order was received earlier than expected!

Derin –Kansas City, Kansas – June 2004

I just wanted to thank you for such fast service. (It was faster than i expected; a rarity!) Also, for whatever reason, your extracts are fresher than theirs are, so i will be ordering exclusively from you now…thanks again. I wish you well in your business, and hope you find much joy and enlightenment in your life…

Keith – Chicago

You have been the best in customer service from any of the sites I have ordered from.

Benjamin – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks for the great service guys – you come through every time. Have a good one.

Tony – Reno, Nevada

I received my order the other day from you and I’d just like to thank you for being so quick and professional.

Kieran – Galway, Ireland

Thank you for responding to my emails so fast, and for the speed of delivery from my last order. I ordered at the same time from [another online ethnobotanical retailer] and the order still hasn’t arrived.

Benjamin – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Your product arrived on time, as promised, and is of good quality. It’s good to have found you, after having bad luck with another online retailer.

Andrew – Dousman, Wisconsin

Your prices are great! Thanks a lot.

Andrew – Butte, Montana

Thanks for the great service. I will be ordering from you again shortly.

Chris – San Francisco

I appreciate the honesty and kindness. I will tell my friends about the website.

Thanks a bunch!

Brady – Raleigh, North Carolina

Words lack, but Thanks! Excellent quality! Rock on… I wish your company success.

Ben – Quero, Texas

Thank you for your prompt assistance. I appreciate the consideration!

Brady – Raleigh, North Carolina

You have terrific customer service!

Josh – Spokane, Washington

The right products at the right price.

Pierre – Martinique

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